Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Solutions
to Safely Care for All of Us

and Our Little Blue Planet

It doesn't cost any more to have your home green-cleaned than it does

to have your home doused with vicious chemicals on a regular basis.


If you want to lower the level of toxins in your home,

I work with a wide range of products that are truly green. That's right. Not all greens are equal.

Some of them are just the same old stuff in a new green dress.


My focus is on working with products that truly are safe for all of us and our little blue planet.

While some housekeepers are busy refilling green-label bottles with cheap-toxic-junk

to boost their profits, my priority is to work with less toxic products.


I wouldn't use Fabulosa in your home if it came shipped to my door for FREE!


When clients don't express a real preference, I will use lovely green products

unless something more aggressive is absolutely necessary.


I have been continually reviewing, researching, and refining my products,

tools, and practices, since dirt was invented.


The right tool/product for the job not only makes the job go smoother, it usually gets better results.





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